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We have a friendly team of very experienced inland and export packers that are second to none.  Take a look at the pictures below as we explain some of the process.


Glasses are first wrapped in sheets of paper and then stacked tall as they are far stronger this way.  Crystal cut glasses are first wrapped in a layer of acid free tissue paper and then a coarser paper.  Champagne flutes and more delicate glasses will be wrapped as above and may be inserted into carton dividers.  Some glassware will also be wrapped in a final layer of bubble wrap depending on the thickness of the glass.  Cartons containing glassware are marked fragile and top load so that they will be stacked at the top of the load to avoid any risk of breakage.


Plates , bowls, and saucers have sheets of paper inserted between them and are then over wrapped in bundles of 4 or so then stood tall in cartons as they are far stronger this way. Fine china would first have a layer of acid free tissue and a final layer of bubble wrap.  Cups and mugs are packed in the same way as glasses but with extra care taken not to roll the delicate handles when wrapping.


Books are packed into smaller boxes (book cartons) due to their weight.  We always aim to lay books flat in these boxes to avoid any damage to the books spines.  Book boxes are always stacked at the bottom of the load and never more than four high.  More expensive books such as leather bound or first editions are wrapped in a layer of acid free tissue.  Photo albums are packed in the same way.


Clothes / linen / bedding:

Hanging clothes are left on their hangers and inserted into our hanging wardrobe cartons, this helps to eliminate creasing.  Taller items such as evening gowns, wedding dresses, or even full length curtains can be hung into extended custom made wardrobe cartons.   Folded clothes, linen and bedding are packed tightly into layflat cartons.

Soft furnishings:

Mattresses, divan bed basses, sofas, arm chairs, footstools and most soft furnishings we have plastic or paper bags for.  This helps to keep these items in exactly the same condition as when they left your home.  We can also export wrap more expensive three piece suits if required.  Leather suites we would normally use quilted sofa covers for.  We always tie sofa beds shut to protect the item and the crew in the course of moving.

Export wrapping:

We don't just export wrap items for international moves, years of experience has taught us that with certain delicate or more expensive articles export wrapping offers a better level of protection.  Export wrapping a piece of furniture will consist of wrapping the article in a specifically designed paper blanket constructed with several layers to offer a greater level of protection.  The first or inner layer is coated in glycerine this is like a wax paper and does not stick to sensitive areas such as polished surfaces or oil paintings.  The next four layers are a thicker coarser almost cardboard layers and this is where the strength comes from.  The final layer has a sheen to it and is semi water resistant.  Or alternatively we also use speed wrap which is a bubble wrap version of the paper blanket previously mentioned.  In addition to this we may depending on the item being packed stick cardboard in strategic places to offer an enhanced level of protection.  Once an item is packed it is clearly marked so the crew can indentify where the top or bottom is and where any fragile areas such as glass doors or draw handles etc are.


More delicate items & fine art packing including internal crates:


We can have custom made crates made for chandeliers or a cheaper option is to use one of our temporary frames.  we will discuss the options with you when we come to survey your house.  What ever your budget you are in very safe hands.

Delicate mirrors / oil paintings /gilt edged artwork:

With gilt edged mirrors and art work we have several options available.  One option you can see pictured is to have an internal crate made along with some battens so that no weight or pressure is put on any of the delicate gilt work.  Another option and more applicable to a straight forward 'A to B' move is to suspended the mirror or picture in transit from it's hanging wire on the raves in the removal truck and tie it in place in it's less delicate areas.  A third option involves export wrapping, carding and the use of foam edge strips.  It really does depend on the item to what option we would recommend, but whatever option is chosen it will be carried out with the up most care and professionalism.


Model ships:

Delicate items such as model ships that present an interesting problem with all of the rigging and sails sticking out.  But a simple solution to this is for us to purpose make a box sometimes joining two or more boxes together and simply tying  around the hull of the ship on its stand (if it has one) through the bottom of the box.  This will then be marked with fragile tape, marked keep upright and top load only.  We understand how very fragile these items are and how easy it could be to damage these if it were packed incorrectly.  Quite often when we come across a model ship it would have been our customer that has built it, and although it may not have a great financial value, we appreciate all the hours that have gone into making it and we will do our very best to preserve it.

Pianos, statues, safes & heavier items:

All of our staff are fully trained in the dismantling / moving / reassembling of grand pianos.  We have all the specialist equipment such as piano shoes, piano wheels, removal ties but more importantly we have the know how.  We also move upright pianos and pianola's.  We also have the equipment and ability to move heavier items such as safes and statues.

Specialist items such as grandfather clocks and barometers:

As you would expect from a professional removals company our staff are also fully trained in moving grandfather clocks and barometers. Making K Dennis Removals Ltd your one stop shop for moving, storage, packing, unpacking, fine art packing and delicate moves.  Your belongings are in very safe hands with us packing and moving it for you.  We are very proud to stand out from the crowd with our superior level of packing knowledge coming from many years of experience across every level of the moving industry.




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