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We have over 35 years experience moving customers from and to properties of all sizes. Whether you are moving to a studio flat across town or to a large four-bedroom property at the other end of the country, we handle removals of all sizes. We have a wide range of removal vehicles, so unlike some firms we can tailor our prices to the size of your removal. Working with your requirements, we offer a bespoke removal service to ensure you have the correct size vehicle, the required packing materials and professional assistance for your move.  For many moving home can be a daunting and stressful prospect, particularly if this is the first time you have moved for a long time. The whole process can be stress free but requires forward planning and organization on your part also.   The key to a stress free removal is to plan way ahead to give yourself plenty of time to deal with any unexpected complications. If you have chosen to self pack make a start as soon as possible. The most difficult removals we have done are usually as a result of customers attempting to do everything the day before.

At a K Dennis Removal Ltd, a minimum crew of two experienced, uniformed porters will attend.  Additional porters will be made available if the size of the removal requires.  All our removals are undertaken using clean and tidy vehicles that are regularly serviced and maintained. We will endeavour to arrive promptly at the pre arranged time, if however we are delayed for what ever reason we will contact you immediately using mobile phones that are carried in every vehicle.  You can also contact us at any time if you wish.  When loading of the vehicle is complete, a member of the crew will check with you that all goods and furniture have been removed and are loaded onto the lorry.  On arrival at your new address, the crew will deposit goods and furniture where you require.
If we have undertaken your packing we will have marked the boxes accordingly and place them in the respective rooms.  If you completed the packing yourself, it is advisable to label the boxes appropriately to avoid any confusion at your new address.  It is a good idea to be near the entrance for the duration of the delivery part of your removal, so that you can advise the crew of the locations for your furniture.  We would suggest that on moving day that pets are kept shut in one room so that they don't get tripped over or get the chance to escape before the move.  When possible another contributing factor in a stress free move is asking a friend or relative to have the children for the entire day, this allows you to focus on all your last minute things like meter readings and getting keys and keeps your children out of harms way as the heavy lifting begins.
Parking can sometimes be a problem on moving day, here are a couple of tips that can help.  Park your car or cars where the truck will need to park even if you have a garage or driveway.  This has the most effect, also speak to your neighbors and let them know what date you are moving on and politely ask them to keep the truck parking space free, or post them a polite note explaining that you are moving if you don't really know them.  Getting parked right outside your door considerably reduces the time that the whole removal / delivery process takes.  Having done this for a lot of years we understand that we cant park right outside every property, but that wont stop us trying.


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